BNI Game Rules

The game starts with 5 teams. 2 people on each team

If a team looses a member making the team only 1 member, then that single person will join the team with the most points at that time.

If a person joins The Hunt Valley Chapter during the game and was not invited by anyone at the Hunt Valley BNI chapter, they will join the team with the least amount of members. If there is a tie for least team members the new member will join the one with the most total Game points.

If a person invited by our chapter joins our BNI group they become a member of the team that invited them no matter what the size that team is.

Only 2 points per member can be received for One-2-Ones with the same member per week.

A special point slip will be drawn randomly during the game period. 5 extra points will be allotted to the teams that meet the qualifications. Everyone on the team must qualify for the team to get the points. This will allow smaller teams to get the same amount of extra points.

At the end of the meeting the team captain must tally up their teams points.

The main prize at the completion of the game will go to the team with the most total points. The prize will be $100 for each member on the winning team. Or if a member wants to put it towards their dues the amount is $150 and we will put it towards your dues when it is time to renew.

Remember this game is to help us maintain a strong group and to increase our membership. Stay positive, Don’t give up, Play fair, and enjoy the game.