About BNI

Networking requires commitment. The most successful chapters of BNI are comprised of participants who are sincerely committed to helping one another through networking. They are a team. As a participant in BNI, you are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the organization. A partial list of the policies of BNI are listed below:

 Only one person from each profession is permitted to join a chapter of BNI.

 All participants should represent their primary occupation, not a part-time business.

 Attendance is critical. If you cannot attend a meeting, you may send a substitute. This will not count as an absence.

Join Now
Once you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the membership committee, the committee will let you know the status of your application by the next meeting.

No Competition
In a strong contact or hard contact organization such as BNI, only one person is allowed to join per profession. Once you are accepted as a member, your competition is not allowed to belong!